SA to open to all states except Victoria as Premier confirms end to NSW border restrictions

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South Australia’s Premier has confirmed coronavirus border restrictions with New South Wales will be lifted from midnight tonight, leaving Victoria as the only state from which travel restrictions will still apply.

As foreshadowed yesterday, people will be free to enter South Australia from New South Wales with no requirement to self-isolate, after no further cases of community transmission were reported in NSW yesterday.

However, anyone who has already entered within the past fortnight or who enters before midnight tonight will be required to complete 14 days of self-isolation.

Premier Steven Marshall this afternoon confirmed the relaxation of restrictions, and said he was “delighted” by the lack of cases reported in NSW yesterday.

“They have gone 14 days without a [case of] community transmission and that means from midnight tonight we will be lifting the border restrictions,” Mr Marshall said.

Mr Marshall said the border — which has been the subject of travel restrictions for several months — will stay open for as long as it is safe to do so.

He said it was crucial health authorities in both states kept each other updated of their respective coronavirus situations, to ensure the border could remain open.

“That information flow [from NSW] is giving us real confidence that going into the future it will be in place for some time,” Mr Marshall said.

He could not say the same for Victoria, indicating the prospect of a “soft border” arrangement with the state was still some way off.

But he said consideration was being given to the potential for different rules for regional Victorian and Melbourne residents.

“The transition committee meets this Friday and again next Tuesday,” he said.

“We hope by that time we will be able to give some forward planning for people looking to come back in to South Australia from Victoria.”

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens earlier signalled the state’s border could open to regional Victorian residents before people in Melbourne.

He said he was hopeful restrictions would be relaxed soon but, at the same time, did not want to “create false hope”.

“Whether it be that we deal with regional Victoria differently to the greater Melbourne area, or we treat them all as one, it may be the first step will be that they go through what NSW has been through with a 14-day home quarantine arrangement,” he said.

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