Queensland records no new cases of coronavirus

Queensland has recorded no new cases of coronavirus overnight.

There are just five active cases across the state.

It comes as the state almost reaches a fortnight since the last recorded case of coronavirus that was considered a risk in the community.

Deputy Premier Steven Miles said the drop in active cases was an incredible result.

“It’s day 13 as we track whether we have successfully suppressed those related clusters from the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre, the Corrections Training Academy and the Ipswich Hospital,” he said.

“We had 55 (cases) related to those clusters and we have, it appears, managed to get in control — although we won’t be able to confirm that until tomorrow.”

The new figures come as Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers told ABC Radio Brisbane he’s “deeply concerned” by the ADF withdrawing from Queensland’s border control efforts.

“It reeks of political interference,” he said.

“The ADF, who have been working alongside police, their support and assistance has been invaluable.

“When we hear that ‘we’ve got to prepare for other things and look at our demands’, to me it reeks of people playing politics.

“The Prime Minister has come out and he has said ‘you know we’ve got to reprioritise’. It’s well known that him and the Premier have disagreed, but don’t let the people of Queensland pay the price because two political leaders can’t get on with one another.

“I ask Scott Morrison to reconsider this and assist Queenslanders. Queenslanders pay taxes as well, they are entitled and should get the ADF to assist us in times of a pandemic.”

Mr Leavers said with an increased demand at border checkpoints, including a relaxation of the international arrival cap, police are stretched beyond their limit.

“The (ADF) are assisting us to do our job, we don’t have the numbers to do each and every job,” he said

“We simply don’t have the numbers.

“It’s a partnership … it’s proved to be a really good partnership.”