NSW records four new COVID-19 cases, but ‘concern’ over low testing numbers

Health authorities in NSW say they are concerned about declining testing rates after confirming four new coronavirus cases.

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One case was a result of local transmission, with the other three found among returned travellers in hotel quarantine.

NSW Health’s Christine Selvey said the case confirmed today was a contact of a previous infection who attended the Eastern Suburbs Legion Club in Sydney’s Waverley.

A total of 9,316 tests were completed in the reporting period, down from over 14,000 on Saturday.

It’s the first time testing rates have dropped below 10,000 since July 7, when 9,746 swabs were recorded.

Dr Selvey said health authorities were increasingly concerned about declining testing rates over the past two weeks.

She said people in south-west, south-east and Western Sydney were particularly at risk of catching coronavirus and should be proactive about seeking a swab.

Previously NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian had expressed her wish that daily testing in NSW remained above at least 20,000.

Dr Selvey said the risk of outbreaks and resurgence of the virus was significantly higher when testing rates dip.

“It’s vital that everyone who does have the virus is tested and diagnosed in order to stop further spread to others,” she said.

She said school holidays, which begin on September 28, place the state further at risk as people from Sydney travel to regional or rural areas.