NRL fines Raiders player Curtis Scott after charges dropped

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Canberra Raiders star Curtis Scott has been fined $15,000 by the NRL for public drunkenness.

In January, Scott had been charged with assaulting police after he was out drinking on Australia Day, but had those charges dismissed.

During the court case, bodycam footage emerged that showed him asleep on the street in Sydney in the early hours of January 27, when he was approached by police, tasered, handcuffed and capsicum-sprayed.

The court dismissed charges of assaulting police and resisting arrest, among others, but the NRL has now handed him a breach notice.

While the notice recommends a $15,000 fine, he can have that entirely suspended if he completes an education and counselling program organised by the league, partly aimed at addressing the dangers of binge drinking.

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Curtis Scott had charges of resisting arrest and assaulting police dropped.

In announcing the punishment, NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo said the players were role models and had to set a better example.

“In our view, Curtis should not have placed himself in a position where he was found in the state that he was in,” Abdo said.

“That sort of behaviour is not acceptable and impacts on the reputation of our game and our brand.”

The 22-year-old, who moved from Melbourne to Canberra in the off-season, apologised for “putting [himself] in that position” after the charges were dismissed.

“I have taken this scenario as a learning lesson and will strive to be a better person,” he wrote on social media.

“I also want to thank everyone that stuck by me and supported me through this difficult time.

“Would of (sic) been easy to turn your back like a lot of people with the picture that was painted of me. I am grateful for the continuous support and happy to put this behind me and move on.”

Scott has until the end of the week to respond to the NRL’s breach notice.

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