Man charged with attempted murder over police officer stabbing shot ‘more than 10 times’

A Brisbane man who allegedly slashed a police officer across the face with a knife was shot more than 10 times by the officer’s partner, according to the accused man’s lawyer.

Savva Hatzipapas, 25, was charged with attempted murder yesterday after allegedly stabbing an officer earlier this month.

The incident occurred on August 5 when two officers visited a house at Upper Mount Gravatt on a routine matter.

At the time, police said the man lunged at one of the officers with a knife, slashing him across the face.

The wounded officer’s female colleague then shot the 25-year-old multiple times in the torso.

Mr Hatzipapas’s case was mentioned in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today and was adjourned until Monday so he could undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Outside court, his lawyer Terry O’Gorman said that on current information his client was shot in excess of 10 times.

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Police at the scene where an officer was stabbed and a man was shot

“When police went to his house to serve some legal papers, on their own case in court today, they knew he had a mental health history,” Mr O’Gorman said

“What I have asked the court today for is an order which hopefully, if granted next week, will enable my client to be given specialist intense mental health treatment, which he will not get in jail.”

The court heard Mr Hatzipapas is due to apply for bail on Monday.