French tennis player plays after testing positive for coronavirus

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French tennis player Benoit Paire was allowed to compete at the Hamburg Open despite twice testing positive for coronavirus, he said on Wednesday.

Paire retired from his opening-round match while trailing Casper Ruud 6-4, 2-0 on Wednesday with what the ATP Tour said was “dizziness”.

Paire withdrew from the US Open after testing positive, and spent more than a week in isolation.

He then played at the Italian Open last week, losing in the first round.

According to German news agency, dpa, Paire said he twice tested positive while in Hamburg but then had a negative test.

Paire said he was not sure if he would play at the French Open, which begins on Sunday, and would end his season early if he wasn’t allowed to compete.

The ATP and local organisers defended the decision to let Paire play.

The ATP said Paire “was cleared to compete at the tournament in compliance with local health regulations and ATP protocols” after medical analysis.

“According to tournament doctor Dr Volker Carrero, it is not uncommon that three weeks after a positive result, fragments of the virus can still be found inside the body,” Hamburg Open organisers said in a statement.

“Paire has not shown any symptoms of disease and has not been contagious at any time. Local health authorities in Hamburg made the decision on Saturday that Paire is allowed to play.”


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