Former bikie boss found guilty of possessing illegal weapons, including bladed knuckle dusters

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The former leader of Canberra’s Comanchero bikie gang has been found guilty of possessing illegal weapons, including a gun and some bladed knuckle dusters, discovered after a fiery shoot out at his house in 2018.

Peter Zdravkovic, 38, lost a finger in the incident when three men fired into his house and set his cars alight before fleeing the scene.

Police believe the incident was sparked by a split in the Comancheros gang.

In dramatic CCTV footage shown to the court Zdravkovic can be seen exchanging fire, and running out of the house to see what is happening.

He was charged with possessing a gun, which police found in the ceiling of the house, and a pair of bladed knuckle dusters found in a shed.

During the hearing Zdravkovic’s partner gave evidence, breaking down in tears when she had to talk about the shooting.

She told the court she had not seen any weapons in the house and that she had delivered an ultimatum to Zdravkovic about his links to bikie gangs, because of the danger.

A gloved hand holds bladed knuckle dusters.
Zdravkovic was found guilty of possessing a gun and bladed knuckle dusters.(Supplied)

The court heard weeks before the attack she had arrived home from Sydney to find Zdravkovic with a head wound.

He told her he had been shot at.

But the woman told the court she did not suggest calling the police.

“Like, he’s got it under control.”

Prosecutor Patrick Dixon quizzed her about her own concerns.

“How did it make you feel?” he asked.

“I was very scared,” she said.

The court heard things got worse when threats began to appear on social media.

A meme-style message appearing to show Comanchero club colours on fire.
Snapchat images, tendered in court last year showed Mr Zdravkovic burning his Comanchero colours.(Supplied)

Self defence argument rejected by judge

One of the issues in the case was the differing accounts of conversations between police and Zdravkovic in the lead up to the attack.

Another bikie associate had been caught with a gun and ammunition in a car as he cruised up and down Zdravkovic’s street.

Police told the court they went to see Zdravkovic because they were concerned.

Zdravkovic’s lawyer Jason Moffett quizzed police about what was said.

“He said to you he was concerned and petrified for the safety of his partner and son,” he said.

But police rejected that, saying Zdravkovic did not want their help.

Peter Zdravkovic outside the ACT Magistrates Court.
Zdravkovic allegedly told police the firefight had occurred because he had left the Comancheros.(ABC News)

Another police officer said when he went to the scene after the attack, Zdravkovic indicated he thought it had happened because he had left the Comancheros.

He admitted firing the gun but told police he got rid of it.

Mr Moffett had wanted to argue self defence in the case but Justice David Mossop rejected the bid.

The prosecution told the jury the case came down to one issue, whether Zdravkovic possessed the weapons or not.

“They were not just existing in those spaces in a vacuum, he had them there.”

The jury deliberated for a short time on Thursday before returning its guilty verdict early on Friday.

Zdravkovic is expected to be sentenced next week.

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