Ankle bracelets flagged for high-risk hotel quarantine guests in bid to boost security

The WA Government may force people considered a flight risk from COVID-19 hotel quarantine to wear electronic monitoring bracelets in an effort to stop anyone arriving in the state from moving around and spreading the virus.

People who have a criminal history would also have to wear the device.

Premier Mark McGowan said those wearing the bracelets would also potentially have to stay in a separate hotel with higher security.

“What that means is if someone is identified as a risk, we have the legal power now to put an ankle bracelet on them. And that’s what the police will look to do,” Mr McGowan said.

WA Police this week charged two women after they flew into Perth on Monday night without permission and allegedly escaped hotel quarantine to attend a party.

Mr McGowan and other premiers also raised the idea at national cabinet of tracking and tracing people flying between states, making them provide identification before they board planes.

More to come.